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Pumpkin Seeds Milk

Did you know that you can prepare delicious milk alternatives with your Kuvings Juicer.

Thanks to its cold pressing features, the Kuvings can easily make almond milk, soya milk, oats milk or our new recipe pumpkin seed milk.

The method is very simple. quite often you will need to soak the seeds for around 5-6 hours, rinse thoroughly with spring water and use the orange strainer.

for the liquid part, you can add either coconut water or spring water

Pumpkin seeds are regarded as a nutrition powerhouse, full of magnesium, manganese and copper

  • They contain a wide array of beneficial plant compounds known as phytosterols and free-radical scavenging antioxidants, which can give your health an added boost.
  • Pumpkin seeds may benefit your heart, liver and immune system, help fight diabetes, and offer unique benefits for men’s prostate health and women’s relief of menopause symptoms as well