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Detox with Clean and healthy food revitalises your body and enhances your skin. Is it possible to cleanse one’s body with a glass of juice ? Kuvings recipes provide different types of detox juice and smoothie that will help you cleanse your body on an everyday basis, whilst supporting your body natural defence and detox mechanism.

Multivitamin Juice
Multivitamin Juice

“Kuvings juice cleansing program” focuses on a juice diet with raw food that has detox effects and changes your eating habits. Fuits and Vegetables are essential to our bodies. If you drink them in juice or smoothie form, the body absorption rate of nutrients increases and digestion is much easier.

If losing weight is never easy and seemed impossible for you and if you want to have a healthy diet with a detoxifying effect, start your Kuvings Juice cleansing program now.

You can enjoy a raw food diet that allows you to cleanse your body naturally while experiencing pleasant changes in your body.

Let the Kuvings Juice Cleansing Program rejuvenate your beauty and health. Make your life style more active with a gals of fresh juice.

To find out more you can contact us on 0208 6162080 or you can schedule a webinar with one of our experienced health coaches who will support you along the way with 30 min free consultation.

Our Health Coaches will help you with

  • Identifying clear goals
  • Setting up a healthy eating program
  • Support you along the way

During our January 2018 offer, we have put together a great package to help you start the new year and become the best that you be.

  • 30 min free consultation with a qualified health coach- Lilo from Honey and Roots
  • £50 off a Kuvings C9500 Cold Press Juicer
  • The Big Book of Juice – with over 400 mouth watering juice recipes
  • 20 year motor warranty on the juicer

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kuvings c9500 cold press juicer
kuvings c9500 cold press juicer