C9500 and B6000 Comparison

The Kuvings Wholefeed C9500 is the latest addition to the range of Kuvings Cold.

featuring a wholefeed feeding tube like the B6000 and certain modifications to the juicing bowl, ogre, strainer which gives juice of a different consistency to the B6000 to suit your individual taste and what you like to juice.

In principal, the Kuvings C9500 gives juice that has less pulp and it is easier to clean than the B6000

Since May 2018, the Kuvings C9500 has been further updated which provides the user even better experience of juicing with the same juicing bowl of the Kuvings Evo 820 and 4 contact points on the lid and the juicing bowl for better performance. The strainer has been further modified allowing better pulp extraction

c9500 contact point
c9500 updated bowl

juice strainer