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Juice Gnius

Juice Gnius – The first dynamic juice recipe book for vegan, raw diet, detox and healthy people ! Truly Genius

By mathieu gachignard

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Juice Gnius is a cold press juice generator that easily shares your recipes with your friends. No more complicated recipe book! Take the ingredients you have and it will generate a well-balanced juice.

With over a million recipes possible you’ll never need to buy a recipe book again. Fruits and vegetables are good for you but do you know which one you really need ? With juice Gnius you’ll know. If you love an ingredient and it is not in the app then ask for it and we will add it.

Features :

• More than 70 ingredients that can generate more than 1 million recipes
• The function: generating a juice according to the benefits
• No need to accumulate recipe books
• The ratio of your juice generated by the synergy, harmony and sugar content
• Essential information such as sugar / calories / alkalinity / benefits
• Try the juice of the week and rate your juices
• Spread the love and spread your recipes all over the world with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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• For help, to report issues or to say hello : [email protected]


What’s New in Version 2.1

– 20 new ingredients

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6 Reasons why Juicing is better than blending

juicing vs blending

Juicing VS Blending with the Kuvings C9500, B6000 Cold Press Juicer

A common question we get asked by our customers is the difference between juicing and blending.

In our opinion, both methods compliment each other but they offer different nutritional benefit.

Quite often when you use a blender, you will need to add water, or ice in order to liquify the fruit or vegetables. This could change the taste of the drink as it has been diluted. With blending, the pulp is pulverised through the high speed of the blades and the drink is more thicker. With blending, our digestive system has to work hard, to extract the nutrients, and our liver has to secrete enzymes to help the digestive process. This is one of the reason that with smoothies in general, you feel more bloated as the juice is more thicker.

Juicing is more about hydration, and giving your internal organs a break, allowing them to rest, and channeling energy towards healing and cell rebuilding. You get a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients when juicing, and you are able to consume a higher proportion of fruit and vegetables in true raw form without oxydising.

Although some point out that fibres are retained in the smoothie, it is worth noting that also nutrients get trapped in these fibres which is not the case when you choose the juicing option.

Also fibres are divided between soluble and insoluble. With both juicing and blending, the solubles fibres are retained in your drink so you always get the benefit.

the smoothie and ice cream attachments give you these benefits by changing your kuvings cold press juicer in to a cold press blender.


  • Blending is normally used to make thick sauces, soups or liquifying fruit and vegetables. you keep all the pulp and seeds
  • Used for extracting nutrients, vitamins without adding water
  • Useful for liquefying low water content and non-juiceable fruits like banana, avocado, papaya and leafy vegetables. You will need to add water in most cases which changes the texture and taste of the fruit and vegetables
  • Extract juices from moisture-rich fruits/vegetables. A masticating juicer can even extract juices from leafy vegetables.
  • As you keep all the fibres in the drink, some people may find the drink too heavy especially if their digestive system is not capable in digesting fires
  • Juicing is about hydration, when you drink juices that supply your body with a high amount of liquid that is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants, etc. It makes the cells happy.
  • More energy/enzymes are being expended in your body, to digest the fiber. This means that your body will be using calories to digest the food and extract the nutrients rather than using it for internal cell healing or loosing weight.
  • No energy needed to digest pure juice. Energy is conserved for cleansing work, especially useful when doing a juice cleanse.
  • Green leafy vegetables may tend to taste “grassy” and unpalatable. You can add in powders, granules, nuts, seeds, ice cubes, spices, herbs, etc.
  • Vegetables will taste better when extracted using a cold press juicer. The pressing method makes the green juice tastes better. You can also add one or two fruits, or herbs to enhance the taste of your juice.
  • You get the fiber to be included in your drink. To your body, this is like eating your fruits/vegetables. Different enzymes are produced to extract the vitamins/minerals and they have to get through the fiber to get to the “trapped” nutrients. It takes more effort for nutrient absorption and less nutrients are being assimilated in the process. If your digestive system is good, you probably get only up to about 35% absorption of the vitamins and minerals.
  • with a kuvings cold press juicer your body will benefit from the soluble dietary fiber and your juice will also contain some of the insoluble fibre which will help slowing down the absorption process. You drink the juices and there is very little effort by the body to immediately assimilate the vitamins/minerals from the juices and distribute to the cells immediately for nourishment and healing. This is the exact reason for drinking juices, to get the most nutrients (up to 99% absorption) out of the vitamins and minerals.
  • But we need the fiber? Yes, we need the fiber but that’s mostly what blending gives you—fiber, and less nutrients absorption. You could get fiber from eating your fruits/ vegetables too. So you decide, which is more important for you, fiber or nutrients.
  • With juicing, it’s not about the fiber, it’s about HEALING. The reason we juice is about getting the optimum nutrition into our cells directly, and quickly. You get fiber from eating your fruits/ vegetables. Or get some ideas here on how to use the juicer pulp in order to still get fiber in your diet.
  • A fibrous drink means less sugar spike, and less healing reactionswhen doing a rawfood cleanse. When you blend, you do tend to eat more fruits/vegetables, which will also contribute to healing, but at a slower pace when compared to healing through drinking juices.
  • Cold press juice is best made by including more fresh green vegetables for its best healing purposes. Due to its very high absorption rate, high soluble fibre content, healing reactions are common and inevitable.
  • With blending, you feel full very quickly due to the pulpy drink. If that’s your intention for blending, then that’s good. But this also means that you eat less fruits/vegetables a day and not obtain the optimum level of nutrients needed by your body.
  • With juicing, your body gets maximum amount of nutrients from a wider variety of fruits/ vegetables. You don’t feel full so quickly so you can drink more. Again, this is for the purpose of speeding up your HEALING.
  • I’m putting the high-speed blender in the same category as the centrifugal juicer that oxidizes your smoothie. High-speed spinning causes oxidation due to the exchange of +ve and -ve ions during spinning.
  • When doing serious juicing for health reasons, I suggest investing in a good gear juicer to prevent oxidation in your juices. Oxidation is
    • As pesticides/chemicals are embedded in the fibers, these also get included in your smoothie. To prevent this, use organic fruits/vegetables only. This may prove more costly but a healthier option.
    • Again, I suggest using a good gear juicer that can minimize pesticides and chemicals contamination in your juices. A gear juicer will prove more economical in the long run.

    in effect, spoiled juice.

  • As pesticides/chemicals are embedded in the fibers, these also get included in your smoothie. To prevent this, use organic fruits/vegetables only. This may prove more costly but a healthier option.
  • Again, I suggest using a good gear juicer that can minimize pesticides and chemicals contamination in your juices. A gear juicer will prove more economical in the long run.