Cheap copies

As with most premium successful brands, with protected and patented technologies and designs, Kuvings is also subject to copycat brands with inferior product qualities that claim to give the same result.

These products are inferior in quality and manufacture as they use cheap NON BPA FREE plastic which is harmful and cheap AC motors

you can feel the quality of the plastic once you hold it as it is very flexible, and not finished properly where food residue can get stuck in. the motor is normally around 150W which will strain hard under the pressure of leafy greens and will soon cuts out.

Even other juicers with motors  300 or 400watts, the torque and pressure generated from these motors is often very weak and the cheap juicers will strain with leafy greens or hard fruit or vegetables.

New Patented Technology

Kuvings Silent Juicer patented technology JMCS Juicing Screw is what makes the Kuvings Silent Juicer an International Award Winning Juicer in 2010 and 2011.- This technology and design is covered by international patent
Cold Press Juicers uses pressure generated from the motor with drives an ogre and presses the fruit against the juicing strainer to extract the juice. The rotation of the ogre is achieved from the motor and the wipers are rotated by the teeth that are part of the ogre.
With cheap copies, the teeth on the ogre protrude out, and become brittle very quickly which end up grinding pieces of plastic into the juice and will wear out very quickly or snap.
cheap copies
The Kuvings ogre is designed completely differently and the design is far more superior.
Kuvings C9500 Ogre
Kuvings pride themselves on their motor. Patented and designed by their own engineers and made in their own factory in Korea. Quality Control is unquestionable.

Kuvings Awards

copy juicers:
These are a selection of cheap juicers currently on the market, claiming to offer superior juice with fake testimonies. What remains a fact, Kuvings is the only cold press juicer sold at some of the UK leading department stores. Such as Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis, Waitrose Kitchen and Wholefoods. This is a testimony of the quality and reliability and above all a brand that you can put your trust in.
 A quick search on Alibaba will highlight where these machines come from.
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