For the past 6 years we have sold various types of slow juicers where we have introduced them to some of the UK most trusted retailers, such as Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis and Wholefoods Markets.

Our priority has always been to offer our customers and retailers brands that can justify their claims and most important provide clear benefits that is supported by clear after sales service.

Our experience has shown us that some of the claims that manufacturers make are sometime on the exaggerated side. Whether it is a claim that a commercial whole feed juicer can operate for  continuous 24 hours or a whole feed slow juicer that cuts down the prep time, whilst in the manufactures instruction they always ask you to cut the fruit before feeding into the juicer.

As we all want to invest- in what we prefer or choose to – the best juicer, our choice is more often influenced by the claims made by manufacturers and a product quality that causes issues after few months of use.

As we stand by our customers, there is always a limit in terms of what we can do as a retailer and not the manufacturer. If a product fails to meet our expectations, we simply stop promoting it with all our customers including our retailers.

Whole Feed Vs Small Feed

Most of us prefer to use a juicer that does not require plenty of preparation ahead. With this in mind, we have been choosing to invest in a juicer that can take whole apples, over a machine that we spend an extra 20sec to cut the fruit. After few months, we find that our choice of a whole feeder may not have been the best. Juicing whole fruit in a slow juicer will eventually result in damage to the juicing lid and also to the bowl, also pulp collecting inside the juicer which jams the juicing screen and causes leak of juice onto the motor.

In our 6 year experience, we were having on average 1-2 claims on a daily basis of a quality issue of some sort or another.

Whilst manufacturers always insist on cutting fruit, including apples and oranges, we can’t seem to find any valid reason for us to invest in a whole feed juicer that you might regret after few months of use.

One of the other problems that we experienced on regular basis, are lids that keep on jamming. Now this is most likely caused by juicing large fruit without cutting and the juice strainer getting blocked up.


How about juicing leafy greens and hard fruit

One of the findings we came across – having made hundreds of litres of juice- with whole feed juicers, the temptation to put large amount of greens or a whole carrot is very high and will cause problems when juicing. As for leafy greens, a whole feed juicer will take longer to process produce like spinach and kale whilst a juicer with a small feeder seems to process the same produce much more effectively.

How about the cleaning

Also with small feeder, the amount of pulp left inside the juicing bowl was considerably less than juicers that have wholefeed lids, making the cleaning process after much easier.


Juicers tested and Sold:

Kuvings C9500

Kuvings B6000

Kuvings Silent Juicer

Kuvings Evo820

Kuvings CS600 commercial juicer

Coway Juicer- Juicepresso

Hurom HV

Hurom H-AI

Hurom H100