Kuvings Cold Press Juicers C9500

A little bit about ourselves

Thank you firstly for visiting our dedicated Kuvings website. We are the UK exclusive distributors of Kuvings in the UK, supplying all the major department stores such as John Lewis, Harrods, Selfridges, Wholefoods Market and dedicated online juice retailers Juicers.co.uk

We pride ourselves with the selection of our products and the service we offer you, our customer. We are only a phone call, an online chat or an email away and we will always do our best to offer you the best advice.

You will see our demonstrators regularly in stores, from Harun in John Lewis, Sam in Harrods, Ansko and Angelo in Wholefoods. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
As someone, who is most likely interested in getting more out of fresh fruit and vegetables, being heathy and enjoying life, not only for your own benefits, but also for the benefits of your loved ones, following a healthy diet not only helps you achieve this, but also gives you choices that are very easy to make.

Soon you will start enjoying fresh juice like never before. By juicing on a regular basis, your body, mind and spirit will crank up to a different level, and all of that is thanks to the essential vitamins and minerals that we so desperately in need. With a Kuvings cold press, the choices you can make with fresh fruit and vegetables are endless.

We are sure that you agree with us that although we are so surrounded by a vaste selection of pre prepared food ,endless choice of ready made drinks like soda, fizzy drinks and pre made juice, we have never been so malnourished, but together we can make a difference by making small steps, starting with eating healthy and having the right attitude to make that possible. A Kuvings juicer simply helps you achieve this by giving you the right tools and recipes so you can start reaping the benefits of what Mother Earth have provided us all along.

Happy Juicing

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The Kuvings Juicer uses cold press technology in its core, resembling the action of a pestle and mortar to gently crush leafy greens, fruit and hard vegetables, extracting rich smooth juice which retains full flavour and the soluble dietary fibres on one side, and the pulp on the other side.

Cold Press means that the juicer has no blades, but uses an ogre in the centre that rotates at 60 revolution per minute  . This ensures that juice retains maximum nutrients – see comparison test results – with little heat or air introduced in the juice. It is no surprise that the juice will last for 3-5 days.

The Kuvings juicer is suitable to extract juice from Wheatgrass, making almond milk, juicing carrots and beetroot, also citrus fruit.
see our demonstration library.

The juicer is exceptionally easy to use and even easier to clean, with one speed setting, a full recipe book and 3 cleaning brushes. This ensures that your Kuvings is ready whenever you feel to make some delicious recipes and start creating incredibly great tasting juice.

With the additional attachments, you can even make sorbet, and you can retain the pulp to make thick sauces with the coarse strainer. The Kuvings C9500 has many advanced features, not yet seen on any other juicer on the market, strengthening Kuvings position as the leader in Cold Press Juicers in the UK- Available in most department stores

As we supply most department stores you can see a demonstration in Selfridges, Harrods, Wholefoods Market, John Lewis or in our Kuvings boutique in Winchmore Hill.

You can even try the juicer in the comfort of your home with a free 14 days trial and see how a Kuvings Cold Press can help you achieve a healthy balance with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our range of Juicers consist of a collection of cold press juicers which are available in 3 models.

The Kuvings C9500 is the latest introduction, which features easier cleaning, new designed ogre and strainer- See our comparison video

The Kuvings B6000 is the predecessor to the C9500 model, but also features the whole feed lid

The Kuvings NS-900  is our regular feed juicer, with a smaller feed tube


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