The Big Book Of Juices



The Big Book of Juices

405 mouthwatering juices, smoothies and quenchers to compliment your Kuvings juicer.

There is really no better way to start the day !

  • The ultimate guide to juicing – With expert advice from nutritionist Natalie Savona
  • Be inspired by hundreds of delicious recipes, with practical tips throughout
  • The essential book for every health-conscious kitchen
  • Discover what juicing can do for you- boost your immunity, rejuvenate your energy levels and enjoy luscious blends with your Kuvings Cold Press Juicer


With some 405 recipes for fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, and quenchers, this chunky paperback weighs in at almost 3 pounds and retails for just $16.99. It is founded on two basic principles. First, that juicing is easy if we simply adopt the habit of it; and second, that juicing every day is a delicious way to get and stay healthy. Following a comprehensive introduction to the principles of delicious juicing, the 405 different juice and smoothie blends are divided up into three central chapters: <em>Making Juices, Making Smoothies, and Making Quenchers.</em>

Every blend is given an at-a-glance nutrient profile, and a star rating on its merits as an energy and immune booster, a detoxer, and a tonic for the skin. The recipes are indexed in several ways: by fruit or vegetable of choice, by health benefit, and by nutrient. The last chapter—a juicing reference section—includes the nutrient and ailment charts as well as suggested juice courses for detoxing and immunity boosting, making this the most practical and comprehensive juice book on the market.

As Natalie reminds us, “One of the most important aspects of anything we eat or drink is pleasure. Savoring a home-made, fresh juice is, for anyone who has tried it, an immensely pleasurable experience.”

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