CI IR D5 Dehydrator- 6 Trays


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This IR D5 Infrared Dehydrator from Counter Intelligence sets a new standard in smart dehydrating of food and liquid that retains even more nutritions thanks to its solar dehydration mode. It is highly praised for its functionality and design.

The award winning IR D5 is the only dehydrator in the world that offers both a solar and shade dehydrating method in once machine

Using horizontal infra red waves, heat is circulated throughout the unit, allowing uniform dehydration across the various trays. no cold spots or uneven results.

Solar Mode:

The solar made makes use of NIR (Near Infra-Red) and has the same effect on food as sun rays. The NIR helps preserve the Vitamin D content in the foods as well as other nutrients and minerals. In foods, such as peach, meat and fish NIR helps prevent decomposition. In this mode, you can make your own delicious sun-dried tomatoes, beef jerky and other foods that needs a little extra solar hear to give them that tasty texture and flavour.

Shade Mode:

This is the mode selected when food needs to be dried with controlled heat and air circulation. This is a good option for raw recipes such as kale chips, fruit leathers etc.. With the improved temperature control system, temperatures can be controlled and kept even throughout the dehydaration process


 With the IR D5 dehydrator you can preserve foods without having to worry about hazardous additives. Dehydrating is an excellent way of preserving nutrients naturally present in the foods, only 3 to 4% of the nutrients are lost during the dehydration process. This is because foods are dried gentle temperatures which prevents the heat from destroying enzymes. In Solar mode you can preserve higher rates of vitamin C and D.


 Let IR D5’s integrated onboard computer and humidity (moisture) sensor do the work for you in Automatic mode. With one push on the AUTO button, the dehydrator will automatically set itself to Solar mode and temperature to 70 Cº. The sensor will gauge moisture levels in the drying chamber and stop the drying process as soon as moisture levels have reached 3% or lower.

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