Hurom H100 – Self Cleaning Juicer


Warranty: 10 years


Now Available in Harrods and Selfridges

Cold Press Juice, Smoothies and Sorbet- All in one – One of the best juicer we have ever used

Super silent, Easiest to clean, and excellent performance on all type of fruit and leafy greens

The Hurom H100 – launching in Oct 2018- is the latest cold press juicer from the global player Hurom. This cold press juicer is truly a testament to Hurom’s commitment to producing the highest quality juicers that offers customers features and benefits not seen even before from any brand on the market.

The Hurom H100 has been designed to make juicing, truly a pleasure, with features like easy cleaning, highest yield of juice, new contemporary design that will be the talking point in your kitchen. The beautiful design makes the Hurom H100 a pleasure to use, and the small footprint ensures that it sits neatly alongside your coffee machine or other kitchen appliances.

The H100 incorporates new design specifications with makes it exceptionally easy to assemble, and exceptionally easy to clean.

The juicing bowl has a clever tilt of 7 degrees which ensures that every drop of juice leaves the chamber and the raised juice bowl in the centre ensures that no juice leaks onto the motor, even when juicing leafy greens.

Unlike the Kuvings  or Omega juicers, the Hurom H100 does not get blocked when juicing, even if juicing large quantities. The design of the juice strainer and juicing bowl are unique so it will give you endless performance, without the negative issues which most people experience when using any other cold press juicer.

The features of the Hurom H100 Cold Press Juicer include:

  1. Completely new strainer design– there are no more small holes on the strainer were pulp and fibres gets blocked and will take ages to clean. simply rinse and dry the 2 interlocking strainers and your are ready to start juicing in no time
  2. One Step Assembly – This is by far one of the easiest juicer that we have used
  3. Improved dual hopper- The increased width and straight angle of the dual hopper, makes it incredibly easy to insert berries, feed almonds to make almond milk, pomegranate, and the straight hopper ( built in the same feeding tube) makes it easy for celery, carrots and kale leaves to engage with the auger.
  4. No blockage from fibres- The unique design of the Hurom H100 strainer makes it impossible for pulp to gather around the ogre. – This will often cause issues with most vertical juicers due to poor design in the juice strainer-  When juicing with the Hurom H100, you will always notice that the pulp is expelled from one side and does not back up, the pulp is very dry, and on the other side juice is collected as if by magic.
  5. Multiple strainers- The Hurom H100 comes with all the strainers required, a fine one for juice, a coarse strainer for smoothies and a sorbet strainers- one box does all-
  6. Recipe book and user manual included
  7. 43 RPM for maximum juice yield, 150w motor

Warranty and after sales:

The Hurom H100 is covered by a 10 year warranty on the motor and 5 years on all other parts



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