Kuvings C9500 -upgraded parts Cold Press Juicer with smoothie and sorbet strainer





Dear customers, if you have any quality  issues with your Kuvings juicer, including the big mouth feeder, please note that issues relating to juicers with broken bowls, broken lids, jamming with produce, or leakage onto the motor base need to be addressed directly with the manufacturer.

Kuvings Germany can be reached on 0049 6196 350 2396

We will continue to support our customers with any advice they might require in relation to getting the most out of their juicer

Please note that although this machine has a large feeder, all produce must be cut into small pieces to avoid damage to the feeding lid 

Hard produce like carrots, and beetroot must be pre cut and soaked before hand so that the juicing bowl, or  juice strainer don’t crack while juicing them

The manufacturer’s warranty of the Kuvings products does not cover the plastic parts

As a result of these issues, our retail partners, including some of the best department stores in the UK, haave now delisted the Kuvings brand and relisted the better improved version the Hurom .

Looking for a better juicer ? Check out the Hurom range now available at Harrods and Selfridges





Best Practice when Juicing with a Kuvings Cold Press

Although the Kuvings has a wide feed tube which allows you to insert large fruit such as apples and beetroot without chopping them in advance, it is always recommended to cut your fruit in half. This way you are sure that you are only putting only the fruit.

If you use organic fruit and veg, make sure you wash the ingredients properly, preferably soaking them in a solution of water and apple cider vinegar for 10 minutes.

Cutting the fruit in half, not only eliminate that your could juice a bug or a fruit that has been damaged internally, cutting the fruit will ensure maximum yield, and better performance.

Always ensure that the pulp is being expelled continuously on the side.

And remember to remove any stones, or large seeds from the fruit.

Wash your juicer thoroughly after use

Happy Juicing

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Weight 9.1 kg
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 45 cm

Gun Metal, Gun Metal Gloss, Matt Silver, Matt White, Red, Silver