Kuvings C9500 Upgrade Kit with additional strainers


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The Kuvings C9500 upgrade kit is suitable on all Kuvings models and is available for existing customers

You will receive the following:

  1. Pusher
  2. Whole Feed Lid
  3. Juicing ogre- C9500 new design
  4. Juicing Bowl C9500 design
  5. Juicing Strainer- C9500 design
  6. Rotary wiper- C9500 design
  7. Smart cap
  8. Smoothie strainer
  9. Blank Strainer for sorbet

with the new C9500 design you can now upgrade your existing juicer to the latest specifications. This will give an opportunity to refurbish your kuvings with all new parts.

The new technology ensures improved performance for your juicer, resulting in juice with much less pulp, easy cleaning option and higher juicing yield


whole-slow-juicer_c9500_ice-cream-strainer-resize whole-slow-juicer_c9500_smoothie-strainer


dsc2541 dsc2508 dsc2513 kuvings-c9500_pusher

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