Kuvings C9500 W Wholefeed Juicer smoothie and sorbet – White- 20 year motor warranty

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Warranty Motor: 20 years

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Kuvings C9500/C7000 Wholefeed Cold Press Juicer from Kuvings is our Best Juicer – with 20 year motor warranty


The Kuvings C9500 is the latest MUST HAVE  Cold Press Juicer or referred to as Slow Juicer or Vertical Masticating Juicer from world renowned NUC Electronics. This newly designed Juicer still maximises nutrients and vitamins in the juice like its predecessors,  it also does that while making the cleaning process much easier, and produce juice that has less pulp thanks to a newly designed drum base, ogre, and juicing strainer.

In other words the C9500 is true perfect in every sense.

Since introducing Kuvings to some of the best department stores in the UK, it has now become one of the best selling cold press juicer in the UK. You will find our demonstrators regularly in Selfridges, Harrods, Wholefoods Market and John Lewis, or you can visit our showroom in Winchmore Hill – N21 3NB, Mon to Sunday for a one to one demonstration.


76mm-wide feeding tube accommodating whole ingredients.

Kuving’s innovation: a perfect juice

Kuving’s has  always been at the forefront of innovation and we now offer the new C9500 model. This is the first vertical juice extractor that allows for all types of juices with no unpleasant fiber taste. The yield (amount of juice compared to the amount of fruit inserted) has been further improved compared to the B6000. The resulting juice is rich in nutrients with perfect texture for increased pleasure.


A new and improved cold press juicer

The C9500 filter has been improved with a solid background that reduces the amount of insoluble fiber in the juice.  This gives you juice with exceptional quality and texture.

The Kuving’s filters are stainless steel + Ultem (without plastic resin extremely resistant BPA).

pressing screw

The Pressing Ogre in the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer is manufactured with high quality Utem matriel, that works extremely well with pressing all types of leafy greens and hard fruit and vegetables.

Extraction bowl silicone strap

Kuving’s designed for the first time an extraction bowl without silicone tongue which allows for better performance and makes this piece even easier to clean !!

The spout has a sleek chrome cap to better control the output of juice.

Wide Mouth Feed

Like the B6000 model, the new Kuvings C9500 is equipped with a wide mouth that reduces the cutting of foods for easier operation. You can insert directly without cutting a small apple, a kiwi (with skin), an orange …

Ultra Powerful and quiet

The motor in  Kuving’s  cold press juicer is one of the best used in domestic juicer. With an output of 240W and its rotation speed of 60 revolutions / minute, The Kuvings AC motor is the most powerful and most robust of the market. It will allow you to make juice of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, roots, leaves, wheat grass … comes with 20 year warranty for Domestic use

How to use

Fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots … nothing resists Kuving’s juicer. Just briefly insert your ingredients into the wide mouth and get a delicious juice, full of valuable nutrients that are  feed your cells and provide the energy needed in everyday life.

The Kuvings Cold Press Juicer C9500 is very versatile. Use it to make fresh Cashew Milk , or Almond Milk, and our independent test results are a true testament to the benefits of how juicing with a cold press juicer can be so beneficial to our health.

Sorbets and Smoothies- Included

With the accessory kit sorbet you will add two new features to your Kuving’s.

With sorbet filter, simply insert chunks of frozen fruit to be kneaded by the extractor and instantly emerge as sorbet.

Sorbets and Smoothies- sold separately

With the accessory kit sorbet you will add two new features to your Kuving’s.

With sorbet filter, simply insert chunks of frozen fruit to be kneaded by the extractor and instantly emerge as sorbet.

Cookbook and accessories

The Kuving’s extractors are supplied with a recipe book of 112 pages. Very complete, it will guide you during your first experience and you will find all the useful tips.

You will find in your cardboard 3 brushes specially designed for thorough cleaning of your extractor.

You finally find the juice container and fiber tray.

For advice: contact us on 0208 4419412  or 08003213671 or visit us in our showroom or one of our retailers.


Warranty:  20 years on the motor and 2 years on parts

 Model  C7000 / C9500
 Color Silver, White, Red
 Type Vertical low-speed masticating
 Speed 60 RPM
 Wattage 240W
 Voltage AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
 Dimensions 228 x 208 x 446 (mm)
 Weight 6.9kg
 Capacity 400ml
 Maximum Use Less than 30 minutes
 Materials Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC


Additional information

Weight 9.1 kg
Dimensions 45 x 25 x 35 cm

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Just received the C9500W juicer yesterday with the Smoothie and Sorbet attachments. Did my first juice today. Was amazed how quiet the juicer is. You would definitely not hear this upstairs if juicing in the kitchen. Unit is very solid and well put together. I know it’s a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

    Putting the unit together was very easy. I didn’t even use the instruction booklet. Essentially lining up the red dots. Today I did a juice with seeded red grapes, apples, just cut into quarters, cucumber just sliced thickly and one orange. Feeding in via the top feeder was a doddle. Dropped right in. I didn’t once have to use the pusher at all. Ground up the produce very smoothly. Hardly any squeaks. Pulp that came out was moist, but quite dry. You can really see how much juice was extracted. I was really surprised. Now, when it came to sampling the juice, I was also quiet amazed how little pulp was in the juice. I put my own sieve on top of the juice jug, but found that it hardly collected anything, so eventually decided not to use it.

    Cleaning was a simple 5min job, the brushes and screen-brush provided made the job quick and easy. And there was also not much pulp collected under the augur either.

    All in all, personally I think this is one excellent juicer. I was looking at the Slowstar and Omega VSJ843 juicers, but am very glad I went for this one. It will definitely be seeing lots of use. Lastly, thanks to Tony for answering some of my recent questions about this unit which made up my mind. Cheers.

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