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Designed in Switzerland

Swiss products always stand for quality, reliability and performance that will over exceed the expectations of the user. With this is mind, the Novis Pro Blender delivers more than what it claims to do. Never have we seen a blender with a beautiful design that is also matched with materials of exceptional quality and delivers performance than even the most demanding chef or household will be more than pleased with.

The Novis blender, will prepare delicious smoothies and sauces in very little time,  it can also crush ice, knead daugh, pulverise rice into rice flower, almond into almond flower, frozen fruit into delicious sorbet, and even heat soup in 6 minutes. The possibilities are endless, even you can use to grind coffee beans, grind meat, grate cheese, or simply to blend delicious sauces and recipes and get your cooking imagination run wild.

The Novis blender features 50% noise reduction than other high speed blenders, and for extra piece of mind it comes with a 10 year warranty.

The Novis blender looks the part in any modern or classic kitchen, with a very small footprint on a kitchen worktop – taking only 22x 23 cm on a work surface

Choose from a wide variety of trendy colours, and the cast metal body will ensure your blender will stand the test of time for many years.



Novis ProBlender will help you stay healthy.

In a few minutes you can create your favourite smoothie or even a delicious warm vegetable soup! Ideal for a vitamin-packed meal.

Healthy food – made easy.

Functions and Features

The Novis Pro Blender 880L comes with a standard 1.9 litre tritan jug that is super strong which feels and looks solid when handling the toughest of jobs, from crushing ice, to making peanut butters, making hot soup from cold ingredients to delicious smoothies and sauces. Nothing will stand in the way of he multi directional blades that cut at 120,000 cuts per minute. We love the fact that the blades are not sharp, and are exceptionally easy to clean.

The LCVD display shows the duration of the selected program. After starting a program, the timer runs backward until the program ends. Thus recipes are made to exact seconds.

In addition to the automatic programs, there are also 5 Electronically Controlled Speeds

Level 1: For fast preparation of soft food

Level 2: For mixing of vegetables

Level 3: For preparation of fruit drinks

Level 4: For preparation of mixed drinks with ice

Level 5: For chopping of vegetables and nuts, and for the heating of food

Turbo:  For fine chopping of vegetables, fruits

Pulse function: Very useful for making rice flour, or kneading dough, and mincing meat, or grating cheese

A tamper is included with very handy for pushing ingredients towards the blades for even mixing- perfect when making sorbet, chopping and kneading


A stronger taste, a perfect texture and a better absorption of the vitamins and nutrients is allowed thanks to the combination of our triangular container and our geometric blades with up to 120,000 cuts per minute. And it will even be easier to digest.


Novis cares about your safety. This is why the Novis engineers developed the super safe blender. Using chip technology to ensure the lid is properly in place and fully closed. The Novis blender cannot be accidentally actived. No more mess and unpleasant accidents.


The Novis Wireless Safety System ensures that the Novis ProBlender starts only with a container on the chassis and the lid closed.


The best all-in-one Mixer

Novis ProBlender is a high performance mixer for best results with Novis SmartAdaptTM and Wireless Safety System.


The Silent System ensures that the Novis ProBlender’s motor operates at a noise level which is 50% quieter than that of conventional blenders.


We only use the highest quality materials, making the Novis ProBlender extremely durable. Tritan jugs which are BPA free, and a stainless steel blades that cut 120,000 per minute

Technical Data:

1400 Watt

Cable length- 1.8m

Weight : 5.7Kg

Dimensions: ( Including 2L container) 22x23x47cm

Material: Cast metal

Jar Material: Tritan


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 30 cm

Black, Black Matt, Cream, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, White