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The Yden Twin Gear Slow Juicer is designed and developed with the highest quality in mind. This means a juicer that is better at juicing the green & healthy stuff – just what your body needs! The powerful twin gears can crush, grind and extract the essences of hard and fibrous vegetables.

If you are looking for a juicer that is suitable for juicing wheatgrass and leafy green, the Y DEN Twin Gear juicer is the perfect match for this job. It is very quite, and as you can adjust how dry you want the pulp to be, you can maximise the juice yield from your produce.

Designed and manufactured in Korea

Anybody can make healthy and delicious juices easily with the Yden Juicer.

Yden juicer is highly efficient with the twin gear system producing the best quality juice. The simple and modern design fits in every kitchen and lifestyle.


 The Twin Gear System is the heart of this slow juicing technology.

Two gears crush and squeeze ingredients between the millimeter space, driven by a powerful motor of 2 HP. This enables you to juice even the most fibrous vegetables and fruits. The improved juice extraction yields up to 20% or more juice compared to other types of juicers.

The low rotation speed of the stainless steel gears ensure that the juice will not become heated, optimally preserving natural enzymes and nutrients of the ingredients (friction heat causes oxidation and severe deterioration of enzymes and vitamins). After the squeezing process, the juice is separated from the pulp, filtered through the strainer and collected in a juice container.

The Yden juicers comes standard with 2 sets of strainer, a coarse one and a fine one

This Twin Gear Slow Juicer is one of the easiest juicer we have found to clean. the parts come out very easily and you can rinse them quickly under a tap.

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